Investing in new and expanded learning opportunities to help members manage more effectively in a rapidly changing environment

As an employers' association, PSEA is uniquely positioned to provide specialized human resources and labour relations training tailored to post-secondary leaders' unique needs.
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Multi-Format Delivery

At PSEA we understand learning styles vary, and we are proud to offer learning opportunities in two formats to ensure you have options.

We are offering our learning workshops through both in-person sessions and online formats.

Typically our in-person learning opportunities take you out of the office for a full day, while we break the online learning into two-hour timeslots over multiple weeks.

Ten Sessions to Choose From

Facilitated by experienced professionals, these sessions include real-life examples, practical learnings and opportunities to meet and learn with peers in the sector.

Most sessions are included in your PSEA membership.

Sector Focused

Our learning is sector focused and designed for non-unionized members. We understand the sector's unique challenges and designed our workshops to specifically build labour relations capabilities and capacity in the post-secondary sector.


Labour Relations Essentials

Labour relations can seem daunting for newcomers. PSEA’s Labour Relations Essentials Workshop seeks to demystify and simplify labour relations for anyone in the post-secondary sector who is new to supervising unionized employees or just looking for a refresher. This workshop will introduce participants to some of the foundational aspects of the union/management relationship, the duties of each party, and some key legal concepts that govern collective bargaining and contract administration. You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll also have a lot of fun, as this is a highly collaborative and dynamic workshop.

Leading in a Unionized Workplace

Our institutions are unionized workplaces. This leadership workshop has a post-secondary focus and provides practical guidance on how to address common people issues appropriately within the union-management context. Participants practice communication skills to set expectations, address workplace issues in a manner that leads to positive outcomes.

Understanding Fact-Finding & Investigation (Level 1)

During this highly interactive workshop, you will acquire practical skills to prepare for and conduct preliminary fact-finding activities and prepare for a workplace investigation interview.

Workplace Harassment Investigation (Level 2)    *NEW*

Workplace harassment complaints are increasing in most workplaces. Do you know how to respond, investigate, and report on it — legally and correctly? You are not alone if you want to build your confidence in this area. Building on Understanding Fact-finding and Investigation Level 1, this two-day workshop teaches how to prepare for and conduct or coordinate workplace investigations. Participants will investigate scenario complaints (inspired by examples from our sector) from start to finish. The interactive workshop includes learning the elements of a defensible written report.

Correcting Employee Misconduct

Correcting Employee Misconduct in a unionized workplace can seem daunting to leaders. This workshop seeks to demystify handling both culpable and non-culpable conduct in the workplace. The workshop will introduce participants to the duties of management and the union in corrective action situations, the key concepts related to establishing performance expectations, and determining an appropriate corrective action response. You’ll learn a lot, but you’ll also have a lot of fun, as this is a highly collaborative and dynamic Workshop.

Contract Language and Interpretation (Level 1)

During this workshop, you will learn about contract language and interpretation basics. Participants will develop an understanding of the five steps to contract interpretation and how they apply them in different scenarios. In addition to the workshop, participants receive a toolkit to assist with key terms, concepts, principles, and additional resources.

Grievance Procedure    *NEW*

This workshop will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in effectively handling grievances at the workplace. You will spend time learning the technical aspects of grievance handling such as identifying, investigating, and drafting grievance responses.

Bargaining Academy

Collective Bargaining is challenging and can be highly stressful. This intense, highly interactive workshop teaches how to prepare for and conduct bargaining in the post-secondary education sector. The goal of the Academy is to instruct individuals involved in bargaining on bargaining dynamics and how to implement what they learned in their workplace.


Integrating Indigeneity

Indigeneity, reconciliation, and decolonization.

Judge Buller has an inspiring story to tell; during this lunch and learn she will share with us her lived experience. How she reclaimed her identity, built a prominent career in a colonial legal system and made a difference through her dedication to integrating Indigeneity, reconciliation, and decolonization.

Mental Health in The Workplace

Coming Soon! February 2023.


In addition to pre-scheduled learning opportunities, PSEA coordinates Just In Time Training (JIT) opportunities. JIT is offered on a needed-now basis to provide members with the information they need to address an immediate or emerging issue. Examples of past JIT training include:

  • Essential Services
  • Workplace Accommodation Playbook
  • Refusal of Unsafe Work
  • Accommodating Work & Family During Covid 19

We send JIT alerts to members via email. If you have questions regarding JIT, please contact Elena Polyachek, Executive Assistant, by email at or by phone at 604-895-5063 ext. 218.


PSEA supports its members in building the capacity of their staff to effectively manage labour relations issues. PSEA can tailor workshops for your institution’s specific needs and develop new workshops based on established labour relations best practices and theory. Our fees for customized training are budget-friendly.

If you are interested in customized training, please contact Elena Polyachek, Executive Assistant, by email at or by phone at 604-895-5063 ext. 218.