Equipping leaders with the capacity to manage labour relations in the sector effectively

As an employers' association, PSEA is uniquely positioned to provide specialized human resources and labour relations training tailored to post-secondary leaders' unique needs.
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Multi-Format Delivery

At PSEA we are proud to offer learning opportunities in two formats to ensure you have options.

We are offering our learning workshops through both in-person sessions and online formats.

Typically our in-person learning opportunities take you out of the office for a full day while we break the online learning into three-hour timeslots over multiple weeks.

Experienced professionals facilitate our sessions. These sessions include real-life examples, practical learnings and opportunities to meet and learn with peers in the sector.

Sector Focused

Our learning is sector focused and designed for non-unionized members. We understand the sector's unique challenges and designed our workshops to specifically build labour relations capabilities and capacity in the post-secondary sector.

Most sessions are included in your PSEA membership.

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Workshops   WORKSHOPS

Labour Relations Essentials

During the PSEA Labour Relations Essential workshop, participants will learn foundational labour relations principles as they apply to the post-secondary sector.

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • gain an understanding of the legal framework behind labour relations,
  • explore the interplay between legislation and collective agreements, key labour relations concepts such as management rights, union duties, roles and responsibilities of union and management, and PSEA's role as bargaining agent.
Leading in a Unionized Workplace

During the workshop, participants will learn communication skills to help them set expectations and address workplace issues constructively, leading to positive outcomes. These skills will include active listening, empathetic communication, and conflict resolution techniques. By incorporating these skills into their day-to-day work, participants can become effective leaders who can successfully manage people's issues in a unionized environment.

Managing the Progressive Discipline Process

Managing employee performance can seem daunting to leaders, especially when managing performance concerns. This workshop seeks to demystify handling both culpable and non-culpable behaviour in the workplace. During the workshop, participants will learn how to establish performance expectations and determine an appropriate corrective response.

Introduction to Managing Grievance Procedures

During the workshop, participants will learn the role of managers, union representatives, Human Resources and PSEA in the grievance/arbitration process and the technical aspects of grievance handling, such as identifying, preparing for, and participating in grievance discussions.

Introduction to Contract Language and Interpretation

During this workshop, participants will learn contract language and interpretation basics including an understanding of the five steps to contract interpretation and how to apply them in different workplace situations. Attending participants will receive a toolkit to assist with key terms, concepts, principles, and additional resources.

Introduction to Fact-Finding & Investigation

During this workshop, participants will learn why and when to investigate, ground rules and best practices for conducting interviews, tips for gathering and documenting evidence, and preparing investigation reports. Participants will receive several tools and resources as takeaways.

Workplace Harassment Investigation    *NEW*

Responding to and investigating workplace harassment complaints can be a complex process. During the workshop participants will learn key best practices on how to conduct interviews and review documents and evidence, to ensure that the investigation is fair, impartial, and legally defensible. Participants will experience an investigation first-hand using simulation and role play to build their skills and learn how to help avoid costly pitfalls and legal liabilities.

Bargaining Academy

Collective bargaining can be complicated, challenging and, at times, stressful. During the workshop participants will learn how to prepare for and conduct bargaining in the post-secondary education sector.

Emerging Issues   EMERGING ISSUES

Introduction to trauma-informed investigation

Trauma-informed investigations take into account the psychological impact that an investigation can have on the parties involved. Investigators must be trained to recognize the signs of trauma and to handle the investigation in a way that is sensitive to the emotional needs of the parties involved. This webinar will provide an overview of trauma-informed practice and cultural humility in investigations, disclosures and reports.

Customized Training   CUSTOMIZED TRAINING

PSEA supports its members in building the capacity of their staff to manage labour relations issues effectively. PSEA can tailor workshops for your institution's specific needs and develop new workshops based on established labour relations best practices and theory. Our fees for customized training are cost recovery only.

If you are interested in customized training, please get in touch with us by email at learning@psea.bc.ca